About John Kaweske

John Kaweske, founder and CEO of Bio-Clean Energy, S.A., a holding company with diversified assets in the clean energy sector in Brazil. He brings over 20 years of valuable experience in the biotechnology sector, making him one of the leading experts in the industry. John focuses on creating a safe, renewable environment and sustaining the natural resources of the earth. The way he has accomplished this thus far is the method of which Bio Clean Energy produces diesel substitute which sustainable and can be a replacement to harmful toxins that diesel emits. In April 2018, Bio Clean Energy, S.A. and John Kaweske won a $36 million biodiesel supply contract from Bolivia Government Oil Companies.

John-Kaweske-CO-1 (2)In addition to his work in the biodiesel industry, John Kaweske is also a natural entrepreneur and uses his drive to help other professionals in the industry. Through his consulting firm, John Kaweske & Associates, John helps clients to establish and run their own biodiesel facilities using the expertise that he has gained in his own career.

John Kaweske believes he was able to get through the tough times while starting up his company through meditation. Starting Bio Clean Energy in a foreign country like Brazil, it was difficult or John to adapt to their work environments, John took up meditating. This soothing practice helped John Kaweske free his mind of any distractions and focus on what he can do to better the future of his company. Through meditation, he was able to learn a new language and fully communicate with employees. He broke the barrier which he felt was going to be the toughest to break. This became such a part of John’s daily routine that he still continues to meditate to this day. Meditation has carried John to heights even he thought were unattainable. From two successful business’s in fields he thoroughly enjoys.

John Kaweske is also the founder of Silverleaf Enterprise LLC, a luxury car service located in Denver, Colorado. He started the company after working independently and with Uber, he was known for being a friendly, personable driver and customers appreciated John. Silverleaf is a small fleet of luxury vehicles which are manned by a team of drivers who roam Denver looking to help customers reach their final destination.

To learn more about John Kaweske, visit his professional overview website at JohnKaweske.com.