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Particle receivers to get first commercial trial—in Saudi Arabia

A new solar technology is twice as efficient, cutting the cost of solar thermal energy, by raising operating temperatures to 1,000°C, almost twice the 565°C molten salt temperature in current concentrated solar power (CSP) tower plants.

Source: – Energy & Green Tech News


Thorium reactors may dispose of enormous amounts of weapons-grade plutonium

Scientists from the School of Nuclear Science & Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University are developing a technology for the creation of high-temperature, low-power reactors with thorium fuel. The scientists propose to burn weapons-grade plutonium in these units, converting it into power and thermal energy. Thermal energy generated at thorium reactors may be used in hydrogen industrial production and for desalinating water. The results of the study were published in Annals of Nuclear Energy.

Source: – Energy & Green Tech News

Mesoporous interface mitigates the impact of defects in perovskite solar cells

The nominal cell operating life of perovskite solar cells is strongly influenced by their inner architecture. This was shown by two scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and the Technical University of Munich. They combined experiments with numerical simulations in order to explain this observation.

Source: – Energy & Green Tech News